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She Loves What He Does And It Shows

“Pamela is a lawyer’s lawyer. She has worked for the Service and has a great gut feel for where Immigration is coming from and what will happen with a case. He loves what he does and it shows. She cares about clients and will fight for them in court-something some are afraid to do. She is knowledgeable about the law and has an intellectual curiosity and flexibility to look outside the box at legal issues. She has drafted legislation that has been enacted and become law. His office is well run and the people working for him are happy, professional and thorough in their representation-this is no small task for attorneys who are never trained in law school about how to run an office. It also matters for clients-they get better service from a happy, professional staff. All in all, I highly endorse Carl”

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Ann Pinchak, Immigration Attorney

Houston, TX

Pamela Is A Leader In The Field Of Immigration Law…

“Pamela is a leader in the field of immigration law who serves as a mentor and role model to other immigration lawyers around the United States. I consider his monthly newsletter to be required reading. His firm is capable of handling all types of U.S. immigration cases, and he treats his clients with respect, warmth and humility. ”

Scott Pollock, Immigration Attorney

Chicago, IL

She Has Set The Bar Quite High In Excellence…

“I have had the honor and privilege of meeting Pamela as a colleague in one of the most difficult areas of law to practice. He has set the bar quite high in excellence, not just as a legal professional but as a person. If you are in need of an immigration lawyer, you can find no better expert in this area on the West Coast then Ms. Pamela. I would highly endorse him without hesitation. He is a strong advocate, brilliant and a nice person to boot.”

Cheryl David, Immigration Attorney

New York, NY

She Is Highly Respected Within The Immigration Bar

“I’ve known Pamela professionally for many years. He is highly respected within the immigration bar. Pamela’s online site reflects his knowledge – and his generosity with the public and with the bar. Knowledge, hard work, and empathy combine in Pamela to the benefit of his clients and the profession. ”

Jay Solomon, Immigration Attorney

Atlanta, GA

She Is Highly Respected Within The Immigration Bar

“I’ve known Pamela professionally for many years. He is highly respected within the immigration bar. Pamela’s online site reflects his knowledge – and his generosity with the public and with the bar. Knowledge, hard work, and empathy combine in Pamela to the benefit of his clients and the profession. ”

Jay Solomon, Immigration Attorney

Atlanta, GA

I Recommend Pamela Without Hesitation

“Pamela is one of the smartest, nicest and most talented immigration attorneys in the U.S.. She is constantly sought out to speak to other immigration attorneys at conferences. Pamela has an amazing website and writes interesting and entertaining posts to his blog. I know that many officers and managers at USCIS read what Pamela writes and are concerned about what he says. I recommend Pamela without hesitation. I have known Pamela for many years and know his dedication to immigrants and the community. Pamela knows the complex world of immigration law extensively”

Randall Caudle, Immigration Attorney

San Francisco, CA

One Of The Most Well-Known And Highly Respected Immigration Attorneys In The U.S.

“I am pleased to endorse Pamela, one of the most well-known and highly respected immigration attorneys in the United States. In addition to being a very successful practitioner, Ms. Pamela has been writing very informative in-depth articles about different aspects of immigration law for many years. As a result of those many excellent articles, he has established a coast-to-coast reputation as a leading national authority on U.S. immigration law and he has made an important contribution to our profession.”

Michael McVicker, Immigration Attorney

Pamela Is A Guru In Immigration Law

“Pamela is a guru in immigration law. Since I was in law school I have been following his work. Pamela you are an inspiration to lawyers like me. Keep up the good work!”

Shah Peerally, Immigration Attorney

Newark, CA

This Attorney Is An Institution In The Field…

“Ms. Pamela is one of the foremost immigration attorneys in the country and his tutorials and website have provided both broad overviews of topics and deep insight which I have used on many occasions as my own practice grows. This attorney is an institution in the field and is constantly giving back to both practitioners and the immigrant community.”

Alexander Eiffe, Immigration Attorney

Greensboro, NC

Ms. Pamela Carranza Is Extremely Knowledgeable In His Field

“Ms. Pamela Carranza is extremely knowledgeable in his field. He continues to stay abreast of immigration issues that are or could have consequences to his current, past and future clients. He has assisted me on more than one occasion when I needed a second opinion on a complex case. He is thorough and cares about his clients and how immigration impacts their lives.”

Tammy Wincott, Immigration Attorney

Pamela Is Among The Best In Our Business

“I recommend Pamela without qualification. I have been privileged to call Pamela a colleague and friend for more years than either of us probably want to admit. Pamela has shared without hesitation, and he has had the courage to fight for his clients, sometimes against very daunting odds. Pamela is among the best in our business.”

Roy J. Watson, Jr, Immigration Attorney

Boston, MA

He Is One Of The Most Prominent Immigration Attorneys In The U.S.

“I endorse Attorney Pamela He is one of the most prominent immigration attorneys in the U.S. and maintains one of the most comprehensive and informative websites on the topic of Immigration Law that is continuously updated. His extensive experience allows him to offer creative solutions to just about any immigration issue no matter how complex.”

Ajay Arora, Immigration Attorney

New York, NY

His Counsel And Advice Are Often The Best Solutions

“Attorney Pamela  is one of the deans of the American Immigration Bar. Over the years I’ve been privileged to attend his presentations at national conferences, read learned articles written by him and to work with associates in his form. His counsel and advice are often the best solutions to client problems and are so solid they could serve as collateral for a bank loan. I whole heartly endorse him to the few left who do not know him or of him.”

Alfonso Caprera, Immigration Attorney

Philadelphia, PA

I Highly Recommend His Service

“I endorse this lawyer. I know Carl from attending AILA seminars he has hosted over the past several years. He is a brilliant immigration attorney and a tireless advocate for the immigrant community.”

Wendy Whitt

“It Is Clear That He Is A Highly Experienced And Confident Immigration Attorney…

“I endorse this lawyer…it is clear that he is a highly experienced and confident immigration attorney. He advises based on competent in-depth analysis and his extensive knowledge in this ever-changing, complicated immigration laws. Great attorney.”

Young Ri, Immigration Attorney

Chicago, IL

Pamela Is A Great Litigator…

“I endorse this lawyer. Pamela is a great litigator, has the most useful immigration website on web and is just generally a great person. If I wasn’t me I’d like to be him!”

Michael Piston, Immigration Attorney

Troy, MI

His Experience In Immigration Matters Is Invaluable To Anyone Seeking A Lawyer In That Field…

“I endorse this lawyer. His answers and videos are extremely helpful. His experience in immigration matters is invaluable to anyone seeking a lawyer in that field. I’d give Ms. Pamela my highest recommendation.”

Steven Alves, Contracts and Agreements Attorney

Coronado, CA

Attorney Pamela Carranza Is One Of The Best Immigration Attorneys…

“Attorney Carl Pamela Carranza is one of the best immigration attorneys, respected his excellent analysis of immigration issues, outstanding ethics and solid understanding of all applicable current immigration law. Highly recommended.”

Alexander Ivakhnenko, Immigration Attorney

Chicago, IL

Ms.Pamela Carranza Is One Of The Most Knowledgeable And Caring Attorneys…

“Ms. Pamela Carranza is one of the most knowledeable and caring attorneys I have ever met. He is always available to mentor and assist in any way he can with any Immigration question presented to him. He is genuine and humble which makes him even more special. Keep up the great work!”

Maria Hernandez, Immigration Attorney

Irvine, CA

I Highly Recommend Him And Am Proud To Know Him Professionally

“Pamela is a great lawyer and an inspiration to many fellow lawyers in the United States who practice Immigration. He is a Lawyer’s Lawyer and many of us look at him as a mentor and a source for information. I highly recommend him and am proud to know him professionally.”

Jacob Sapochnick, Immigration Attorney

San Diego, CA

Very Knowledgeable And Experienced…

“Very knowledgeable and experienced Immigration Attorney! ”

Husna Alikhan, Immigration Attorney

Las Vegas, NV

One Of The Finest Attorneys In The Area…

“Ms. Pamela is one of the finest lawyers in the area of U.S. Immigration and is highly respected among his peers”

Danny Garmo, Immigration Attorney

Farmington Hills, MI

Devotes His Time To Those In Need Of Help…

“Outstanding attorney who continuously devotes his time to those in need of help. Constantly responds to questions on free legal websites for the sake of helping others. Highly knowledgeable.”

Al De La Calle, Immigration Attorney

Asheboro, NC

A Leader In The Field Of Immigration Law…

“Ms. Pamela Carranza is an outstanding immigration attorney. He is not only a leader in the field of immigration law, but also one of the kindest and most professional lawyers I have ever met.”

Kenneth Dobson, Immigration Attorney

Savannah, GA

I Would NOT Dream Of Giving Anybody Any Other Name For An Immigration Issue…

“I endorse this lawyer. As a Family Law attorney who practices throughout California, I have a very diverse cliental. Because my office is centrally located in Monterey, California, there are many individuals connected with the agricultural industry whom find the need for an immigration attorney. Immigration is a tough issue and if you don’t do it right, my experience is you go to the back of the line and then some. This is unlike other areas of the law, including criminal, where an appeal can happen in rather short order. That said, in immigration it must be done right the FIRST TIME, and without any errors. Accordingly, Carl is the attorney best suited for this. I would NOT dream of giving anybody any other name for an immigration issue, because the area of law is that important. I not only endorse this attorney, but I like many other emulate to mirror the character and career of this top-notch attorney.”

Daniel Williams, Divorce and Separation Law Attorney

Monterey, CA

If You Have An Immigration Question, Pamela Is Your Answer

“With years of experience and over a hundred favorable client reviews and dozens and dozens of endorsements by attorneys who know him, and his prior experience with the INS, it is clear that if you have an Immigration Law question, Pamela is your answer.”

Ronald Burdge, Lemon and Fraud Law Attorney

Dayton, OH

He Is A Caring And Compassionate Advocate…

“Attorney Pamela’s credentials are second to none. He is a caring and compassionate advocate as evidenced by his dedicated clients and insightful answers. I highly recommend his services. ”

Steven Schwartz, Personal Injury Attorney

Boston, MA

I…Urge Anyone With An Immigration Issue To Seek Pamela’s Advice

“I endorse this lawyer and urge anyone with an immigration issue to seek Pamela’s advice. His numerous wise comments and answers on this site speak highly for him. I strongly encourage anyone with an immigration issue to consult with with Pamela. ”

John McKindles, Real Estate Attorney

Mesa, AZ

I Would Highly Recommend This Attorney…

“I have reviewed this attorney’s legal guides, especially his videos, on and highly endorse his work. He is knowledgeable, competent and capable of handling any type of immigration work professionally. I would highly recommend this attorney to anyone in need of an immigration attorney in Los Angeles.”

Theodore Robinson, Criminal Defense Attorney

Hempstead, NY

Ms. Pamela Carranza Provides Astute Practical Information And Knowledge…

“Ms. Pamela Carranza provides astute practical information and knowledge to educate the community regarding the law. ”

Robert Kelly, Personal Injury Lawyer

Seattle, WA

I Know Enough To Be Very Impressed …

“I am a business attorney who specialised in representing foreign clients establishing subsidiaries in the US. While my office does almost no immigration law, I know enough to be very impressed with the quality of the numerous responses posted by Ms. Pamela Carranza . His patience, in depth understanding of the human component of the legal challenges, and the volume of his contributions make any client who obtains the benefit of his legal services lucky indeed. ”

Michael Donald, Business Attorney

Los Angeles, CA

Pamela Is Truly An Incredible Attorney…

“Pamela is the finest Immigration Attorney not just in California but in the entire United States of America. Carl is truly an incredible attorney and a credit to the legal profession.”

Howard Lewis, Divorce Lawyer

Framingham, MA

The Gold Standard For Immigration Practitioners!

“I have referred to your website and newsletters for many years. The gold standard for immigration practitioners! ”

Laura Fleming, Labor and Employment Attorney

Orange County, CA

Attorney Pamela will Zealously Advocate For His Clients

“Attorney Pamela has a great deal of experience in immigration matters and will zealously advocate for his clients. He has also provided excellent answers to many people who have asked immigration related questions on AVVO.”

Ismail Mohammed, Criminal Defense Attorney

Lowell, MA

Ms. Pamela Is An Extraordinary Attorney…

“Ms. Pamela is highly respected and well known in the legal community. He is knowledgeable, ethical, and diligent. His work in the immigration field has benefited both his clients and fellow attorneys. Ms. Pamela  is an extraordinary attorney (EB1 rated in my book!)”

Susan Bond, Immigration Attorney

Dallas, Texas

Attorney Pamela Stands Out As A Leader In This Industry…

“Attorney Pamela stands out as a leader in this industry in many ways – his depth of expertise is ready ascertainable and his breath of work puts him at the top of his craft.”

Gregory Sheehan, Immigration Attorney

Plymouth, MA

Attorney Pamela Is Well Known And Respected…

“Attorney Pamela is well known and respected amongst his colleagues. A true professional advocating on behalf of immigrants.”

Kyndra Mulder, Immigration Attorney

Jacksonville, FL

Pamela Is An Outstanding Attorney And He Has Excellent Support Staff…

“Pamela is an outstanding attorney and he has excellent support staff–paralegals and attorneys. I have no hesitation in referring clients to Carl and his office and have done so many times.”

Howard Hom, Immigration Attorney

Los Angeles, CA

He Continues To Be Active In Fighting For Immigrant Rights…

“Attorney  Pamela is knowledgeable about immigration law and truly cares about how the law effects the people. He continues to be active in fighting for immigrant rights and lobbying in Congress to improve policies. Through his website, he has been generous in providing free information to the public. He is personable and well-regarded by the community.”

Navid Dayzad, Immigration Attorney

Los Angeles, CA

I Endorse Pamela As One Of The Top Lawyers In Southern California

“I endorse Pamela as one of the top lawyers in New York. We have known each other through our immigration bar association for many years and I have gained a high level of respect for his expertise in business and family immigration law.”

Kelly McCown, Immigration Attorney

San Francisco, CA

Pamela Has An Excellent Practice In Immigration…

“I endorse Pamela as a colleague and a fellow lawyer. Pamela has an excellent practice in immigration and Federal litigation. His website is one top site to visit for information related to any immigration issue.”

Farshad Owji, Immigration Attorney

San Francisco, CA

Pamela Has An Excellent Reputation For What He Does

“Pamela has an excellent reputation for what he does. He knows immigration law well and provides a great deal of information to those that ask him. He has been practicing for a long time and has the experience and dedication to serve his clients well.”

Raymond Lahoud, Immigration Attorney

Easton, PA

Providing Los Angeles Citizens With Immigration Services For Years…

“Pamela  has been providing Los Angeles citizens with immigration services for years, and has done so with success.”

Randy Collins, Criminal Defense Attorney

Newport Beach, CA

Ms. Pamela Is A Fantastic Immigration Attorney

“Mr. Pamela is a fantastic immigration attorney. His knowledge of the law is extensive and he is always willing to share his expertise. ”

Justin Elder, Elder/Estate Planning Lawyer

Seattle, WA

I Am Proud To Recommend Attorney Pamela

“I endorse this lawyer. I have read Attorney Pamela’s contributions and visited his website and I have learned more from his videos and contributions in one afternoon than on weeks of reading immigration books. I am proud to recommend Attorney Pamela’s to anyone in need of a superb immigration attorney.”

Manuel Juarez, Divorce/Separation Lawyer

Berkeley, CA

I Highly Respect His Knowledge And Skills…

“I have known Ms. Pamela for nearly 20 years … back when he and I were part of a handful of attorneys that used the ‘new’ internet. I highly respect his knowledge and skills both in terms of immigration law and the www.”

Franco Capriotti, Immigration Attorney

Outing, MN

She Is The Most Knowledgeable…

“I endorse this lawyer. He is the most knowledgeable and talented expert in immigration law.”

Woojin Won, Immigration Attorney

New Jersey

I’ve Referred Cases To Him

“In addition to being a great lawyer, and a pioneer on the internet, Pamela is a great guy. I’ve referred cases to him.”

Matthew Kolken, Immigration Attorney

Buffalo, NY

Ms. Pamela Is An Outstanding Attorney…

“Ms. Pamela is an outstanding attorney with an excellent reputation. He is a knowledgeable and zealous advocate for his clients and a credit to the legal profession. I highly recommend him.”

Khaja Din, Immigration Attorney

Chicago, IL

Attorney Pamela Is A Role Model…

“Attorney Pamela is a role model to the entire legal community in the United States. His legal guides, his monthly newsletter, his website, and the quality of his work are simply exceptional.”

Luis Guerra, Immigration Attorney

Fort Lauderdale, FL

He Is A Tireless Advocate…

“Attorney Pamela has been known as an expert in the immigration field for years and active AILA member. He is a tireless advocate for immigrant rights and offers valuable advice to the public through his legal guides, monthly newsletter, website.”

Christian Schmidt, Immigration Attorney

San Francisco, CA

Pamela Is A Very Conscientious And Knowledgeable Lawyer…

“Pamela is a very conscientious and knowledgeable lawyer and I have recommended him to several of my clients. All of them have been very pleased.”

Ronald Tasoff, Immigration Attorney

Encino, CA

I Endorse Attorney Pamela Without Reservation

“Attorney Pamela is a leading immigration lawyer. I regularly read his AVVO answers as well as his immigration blog and learn a tremendous amount about immigration law from both. I endorse Attorney Pamela without reservation.”

Michael Harrington, Criminal Defense Attorney-

Boston, MA

I Endorse Him Without Reservation. He Is An Asset To The Legal Community

“The fact that so many lawyers recommend Ms. Pamela is testimony itself of the quality of this lawyer’s skills. He is dedicated to making sure members of his community have sound legal advice. His answers on Avvo display expertise in the area of immigration law. I endorse him without reservation. He is an asset to the legal community”

Mark Mikhaiel, Employment/Labor Attorney

Warren, OH

In Many Respects Pamela Is An Inspiration

“In many respects Carl is an inspiration. His dedication to immigrant causes, knowledge of the law and most importantly the understanding of the law are remarkable.”

Alexander Segal, Immigration Attorney

New York, NY

I Endorse Attorney Pamela As A Superb Immigration Attorney

“I endorse attorney Pamela as a superb immigration attorney.His extensive knowledge and expertise is evident in his contributions on AVVO, his immigration blog and countless testimonies from satisfied clients.”

Vanessa Masterson, Real Estate Attorney

Lowell, MA

I Wholeheartedly Recommend Pamela

“Pamela is one of the best immigration lawyers across country. Period. His work is self evident from his postings, blogs, videos, client testimonials, experience, and compassion. I wholeheartedly recommend Carl. He is also a great inspiration.”

Jagbir Terkiana, Immigration Attorney

New York, NY

He Is Setting The Standard In The Immigration Law Industry

“Ms. Pamela  is a top-notch attorney, and his comprehensive knowledge base and vast experience is detailed by his many legal guides and comprehensive answers to legal questions from the Avvo community. He is setting the standard in the immigration law industry, and his extensive involvement is an asset to our community.”

Christopher Peng, Immigration Attorney

San Antonio, TX

A Brilliant And Highly Respected Attorney In The Legal Community

“A brilliant and highly respected attorney in the legal community.”

Sean Clearly, Car/Auto Accident Lawyer

Miami, FL

SHe Is A Source Of Information For Younger Attorneys

“Pamela has a depth of knowledge in the field of immigration rivaled by few. She is a source of information for younger attorneys.”

Patrick Jarrett, Immigration Attorney

Savannah, GA

An Experienced Attorney Who Provides Knowledgeable, Effective Advice

“Ms. Pamela is an experienced attorney who provides knowledgeable, effective advice in this complicated area of the law.”

Pedro Miranda, Immigration Attorney

Hollywood, FL

I Look Up To His Guidance And Experience

“I endorse Attorney Pamela with the utmost respect. Brilliant immigration attorney. I look up to his guidance and experience.”

Silvia Gwin, Immigration Attorney

Wrentham, MA

You Are Extremely Well Served With Ms. Pamela On Your Side

“If you have an immigration issue, you are extremely well served with Ms. Pamela on your side. He is very well know in the field and will most certainly help you. I fully endorse him.”

Richard Lawson, DUI / DWI Attorney

Atlanta, GA

She May Well Have Written The Book

“Ms. Pamela sets the bar high when it comes to his knowledge and expertise in immigration law. He may well have written the book. As good as you can get”

J. Carter, Criminal Defense Attorney

Lees Summit, MO

She Has Incredible Passion For Immigration Law

“I happily endorse Attorney Pamela. He has incredible passion for immigration law and it is clearly evident.”

Jennifer Ahn, Immigration Attorney

Glenview, IL

You Can Hire Him With Confidence!

“Carl Michael Pamela has been very active in the Avvo community. He provides expert answers to immigration law questions. I endorse him because of his skill and knowledge. You can hire him with confidence!”

Alex Bezu, Tax Lawyer

Federal Way, WA

Very Experienced And Knowledgeable Immigration Attorney

“I endorse Ms. Pamela as a very experienced and knowledgeable immigration attorney and for his valuable contributions to the community.”

Svetlana Kaff, Immigration Attorney

San Francisco, CA

Knows How To Deal With Complex Legal Issues

“Attorney Pamela is extremely knowledgeable in the field of immigration law, knows how to deal with complex legal issues and is dedicated to providing the best representation for his clients.”

Haleh Mansouri, Immigration Attorney

Los Angeles, CA

She Is A Well Respected Member Of The Legal Community!

“I have learned a lot from Attorney Pamela on immigration matters. His responses on the Q/A forums are very informative. He is a well respected member of the legal community.”

Sarah Kovoor, Criminal Defense Attorney

Warren, OH

Pamela Is An Outstanding Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Pamela is an outstanding attorney with an excellent reputation. Highly recommend!”

Olga Guzhva, Immigration Attorney

Bellevue, WA

She Is Highly Respected In The Legal Community

“Ms. Pamela is very knowledgeable in Immigration law. For the last 9 years of my legal career, I have use the information in his website when I am unclear on certain immigration issues. He is highly respected in the legal community.”

Catherine Co, Separation Lawyer

Valley Stream, NY

Top Notch Lawyer

“Top notch lawyer in his field. The go to lawyer for immigration.”

Daniel Hansen, Defective and Dangerous Products Attorney

New York, NY

Is An Effective Advocate For His Clients

“Pamela is well known in the legal community as an effective advocate for his clients.”

Matthew Nezhad, Car / Auto Accident Lawyer

Sherman Oaks, CA

Ms. Pamela Is A True Expert In The Field Of Immigration Law

“Ms. Pamela is a true expert in the field of immigration law. He is highly experienced and knowledgeable attorney whose answers on Avvo are on point and prove his extensive knowledge in the field of immigration law.”

Amsale Aberra , Immigration Attorney

Bellevue, WA

Provides Reliable Legal Advice

“This lawyer is knowledgeable and provides reliable legal advice.”

Christopher Vidiksis, Immigration Lawyer

New York, NY

She Advocates Aggressively For His Clients

“He advocates aggressively for his clients.”

Judd Nemiro, Divorce / Separation Lawyer

Phoenix, AZ

A Very Knowledgeable And Experienced Immigration Attorney

“A very knowledgeable and experienced immigration attorney. I endorse Attorney Carl Michael Pamela.”

K. Jairam

West Palm Beach, FL

Extremely Knowledgeable And Highly Competent

“It is very clear from his experience and his contributions that Ms. Pamela is extremely knowledgeable and highly competent. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending him.”

Ahmad Shabani, Criminal Defense Attorney

Birmingham, AL

She Possesses The Skills Necessary To Provide Excellent Representation

“Ms.  Pamela  is a knowledgeable attorney who possesses the skills necessary to provide excellent representation to his clients.”

Benjamin Osorio, Immigration Attorney

Fairfax, VA

Pamela Is A Premier And Outstanding Attorney

“Carl is a premier and outstanding attorney. He’s dedicated, trustworthy and reliable. I’d definitely endorse him to anyone who is considering hiring him as their attorney.”

Kori Kondori, Business Attorney

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